Tourism Camera

Photography competition entitled ‘Tourism Awareness’.. and guess who won??? I DID 😀

the prize was a Canon Camera along with a certificate
the winning photos will be displayed in 3 coming galleries all around Jordan..

tourism awareness

My Winning Photo:

It was taken in Petra where this tourist was offering the little girl a sandwich.. Pleasant little interaction..

The 20 winners:

The show room of the competition:

The First Place: by Suha Al-Kilani

Other entries: by Waleed Al-Basha

by Raed Olwan

facebook group
In the News:
The Jordan Times
العرب اليوم

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حج مبرور

..عيد مبارك للجميع

.تقبل الله ممن أتم بنعمته فريضة الحج
.إهداء الى صديقتي لينا ملحم

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Saudi Game

another brilliant animation.. hilarious =D

The Saudi virgin of Mortal Kombat

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Interesting enough..another Illusion to swirl your head.
The colour Illusion is astonishing..only the background colour was changed.. Those red stripes changed the whole picture’s warmth..
I didn’t believe it until I actually photoshoped it!

To see more Face Illusions

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Excess بدل فائض

A short documentary film raising the awareness concerning the leftovers food..
this film was a part of the documentary film course in the German Jordanian University..

فيلم وثائقي قصير يتناول مشكلة التهاون بالفاذض من الطعام في محاولة للتدارك وزيادة الوعي..
هذا الفيلم جزء من مادة الافلام الوثائقية في الجامعة الالمانية الارردنية

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No Communication Experience

The No Face No Communication Week:

“but one thing is for sure, how ever text communications lead the world, you won’t get the pleasure of speech, I mean original form of human interaction.”
Srivathsan G.K

Now for the actual experience from this week:

There is no doubt that it was pretty hard to live without any far communication tool, in my case living far from family in a dorm without roommates was tricky, usually when I’m bored I would just pick up my phone and call anybody.. So, living without contact and plans was definitely tough.
No facebook meant no knowledge about the current events in the town which led to more isolated days..

Friends were mad and certainly –unlike me- were not willing to pay a visit to check on something or ask a question.. I even had some threats not to think about doing it again!

On the other hand,
I had more adventurous activities, spontaneous plans and better appointments.. It was not possible to cancel on a last minute on an appointment that I sat days ago. Therefore, I was forced to have better organized schedule..
No mobile phone meant a lifetime of comfort.. As my dad phrased it “ايش بابا..قررت تضربي العالم جزمة؟؟!”

No annoying phone calls nor distractions… just me and myself..
In this week, I also started reading in two books that I bought long ago.. I also changed my second homepage from facebook to Aljazeera news.. And I kept until now..
I had more free time to live with myself.. Make friends with the inner me.. And I must say that I enjoyed it and got a bit crazier to the outer world =)

The idea is to realize and prove to yourself that you could live without anything in your life.. to change your daily habits and find other approaches to solving problems..

The thing is, the world doesn’t expect nor accept a person who doesn’t use far communication tools.. Nowadays, all appointments are set over the phone.. Actually mobile phones are used to substitute calendars, watches, books, doorbells in my case, and sometimes even our memory.. we no longer tend to memorize, we just save a draft message or capture a photo..
I was the only one from my friends who completed my week.. one stopped after 2 days the other after 4 and my beloved friend Tala who suggested the whole idea stopped after 6 days therefore, she was punished by cooking me a delicious yalanji meal =D –which until now I didn’t receive –

I can fairly say that I enjoyed this week with all its ups and downs.. and I do recommend it for anybody seeking a change in his/her life..

And for now, I’ll be looking for a bigger harder Challenge 😉

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New Chat Abbreviations

Baby steps on msn

Here I am chatting with my friend on msn.. and my niece (joud, five years old) comes running to me, shouting “I want to write to her”.. I welcome it as it should turn interesting.. and indeed that’s how it was..

She writes on the keyboard silently and I enter it for her.. then I ask what did you mean by that joud.
She reads her smartly abbreviated phrase I laught and then re-write it so my friend could share this laughter =)

We start off:
introducing herself:

Joud: joud5daniolb6
**consider thinking before you read the intended meaning**
>> joud 5 then I will be 6

Like all kids, her second priority is of course her parents’ names
then some winks and face

>> can u bring for saja a gift

Joud: ablos01midimtanuo
>> a blouse 10 medium thank you

My friend asks: “tell saja to bring me a gift”
Joud: otuwnt
>>wut u want?

she is now looking for any question.. so this is what she tought of:
Joud: what anmls et
>> wut animals eat?

Joud: wurulf
>> y r u laughing.

My Friend: “do you watch barny ?:
Joud: no i dont
(( I now taught her about spaces..)) This is the most fascinating part;
on paper when we start learning to write we measure a space with a finger..
so in her mind it should be just the same..
she writes ‘I’ then presses the spacebar.. but of course this is not enough so she places her finger on the screen and presses one more time and then another one and another.. but still it’s not enough, she gets bored pressing single spaces one at a time..
smiling & admiring her reaction.. I let her into the secret of the space rule.. “one is enough”!

“ilv uoy” Joud wrote before.. and now she wanted to state her love for both of us..
Joud: ilv uoyandsaja
Somehow, spontaneously innocently, she asks me if she could duplicate what she wrote minutes ago and place it again here..
I was just amazed by her question as much as of the human brain.. how could she recognize the copy and paste technique at this age??
I show her and she understands it easily and continues normally.. how silly of me to expect a surprised response !!

My Friend: “i want to go joud”
Joud: ora
Joud was devastated to know this fact.. she was nagging and asking me to convince my friend not to leave

Joud: wat amnt
>>wait a min
but my friend had already left..

I’m sad as Joud is for the end of this conversation..

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