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No Communication Experience

The No Face No Communication Week: “but one thing is for sure, how ever text communications lead the world, you won’t get the pleasure of speech, I mean original form of human interaction.”— Srivathsan G.K Now for the actual experience … Continue reading

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حكاية الجـنّـيـــة غازي القصيبي في هذا الكتاب يعرض القصيبي قصة عن زواج بين انسي و جنية. عن هذه الحياة المختلطة التي يعيشها البطل “ضاري الضبيع” عن هذه المغامرة الجنية الشيقة التي خاضها . كان ضاري شاب سعودي يعيش في غربة … Continue reading

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End of Obsession

End of Obsessionhere is the story of an end..The story started with looking on the floor and finding this small item that became a fascinating toy.. Push the two ends closer and a little spark will stink the person holding … Continue reading

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Freedom Vs. Choice Do more choices mean more freedom?? A new thought!

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New Media effect a video I created to show how NEW MEDIA affect people. this was an assignment i took in the Communication Theory subject.. here is the assignment’s question:

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Another perspective on Taxis in Jordan. TAXIIIIIIIIIIIIIII — if only I can whistle!! — full or vacant??no, no, its occupied I can see a shadow of a short head .. Riding a Taxi is an adventure; waiting, anticipating and not … Continue reading

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Google Population Count… !!!!

Refrence: interesting!!!

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