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The other Extreme

here I am back to normal life after I finished the NO FACE NO COMMUNICATION challange.. I loved experiencing it =DAnd now I’m reading about this artist called Cristin Norine doing the other opposite.. Cristin is an artist and took … Continue reading

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No Communication Experience

The No Face No Communication Week: “but one thing is for sure, how ever text communications lead the world, you won’t get the pleasure of speech, I mean original form of human interaction.”— Srivathsan G.K Now for the actual experience … Continue reading

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No Face No Communication

Here is another experimental challenge I’m doing..for this week, my friend Tala Zabalawi and I are going to live a week without any communication tool.. no mobiles, no telephones, no msn, no facebook, no emails, no exception.. We believe in … Continue reading

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Embrace Life

remarkable effect..

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Freedom Vs. Choice Do more choices mean more freedom?? A new thought!

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Going Veggie

I’ll be checking my life list and writing reviews on the accomplished tasks. For now, a new item added on my life list by practicing it directly,Going vegetarian My friend watched this movie on how cruel animals are killed to … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I was eating a delicious macaroni salad at my friend’s house.. It contained macaroni, lettuce, and some unidentified chunks.. I was told that they are pieces of green apple when I asked.. I continued enjoying the salad.until,,, my friend … Continue reading

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